Welcome to Pirate Treasures Jewellery


Pirate Treasures online store ~ jewellery and accessories designed and handmade by Jane Hodgkiss in Greater London, UK.

Due to Covid-19 lockdown, I'm only going to the post office once a week. Apologies for inconvenience, Stay safe.

The Vintage & Cool collection has vintage inspired jewellery designs including charm necklaces and bracelets – the Eiffel Tower in Paris, cameos, butterflies and roses all feature heavily, plus the ever-popular octopus jewellery. For your rock'n'roll stage style there's guitar string bracelets, plus plectrum and music themed charm jewellery with guitar picks, music notes, skulls and tusks in a range of cool unique designs.

The Pirate Jewellery range has everything from one-off design pirate charm bracelets packed with nautical charms and beads, to simple skull & crossbones cameo necklaces, suitable for pirate themed weddings or everyday attire.

If you are a Steampunk enthusiast, visit the Steampunk Jewellery collection for watch movement cufflinks, necklaces, rings and jewellery accessories made with carefully selected mechanical pocket watch movements, cogs and gears, birds and insects, hot air balloons and Victorian influences.

The Gallery shows a selection of the designs to give you a quick idea of the ranges available.
 Pirate Treasures is happy to accept custom orders, if you would like to commission a piece, please send a message via the Contact Form.