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  1. This week we have mainly been making steampunk jewellery at Pirate Treasures. I have increased stock levels of glasses chains on the website and Etsy shop having sold quite a few lately. Gary has helped me with removing faces from vintage watch movements, which I have sorted into as many pairs (or similar designs) and he has then torch soldered them for me onto cufflink bases or bails for necklaces. I've taken photos, edited them and I've just been adding some of the new watch movement cufflinks to the website shop. They are all torch soldered, which bonds the watch mechanism to the base, making them strong for a long lasting accessory! All the watch movement jewellery and accessories may be classed as steampunk, due to the mechanical elements and exposed cogs and gears, but you don't have to be an eccentric steampunk fan to wear them, they just add a bit of unusual coolness to your everyday style or wedding attire!

    steampunk watch movement cufflinks  GC007 silver steampunk glasses chain pic1  sc073 steampunk cufflinks

  2. I've been adding a few more designs to the website over the last couple of weeks in a range of styles.

    There are over-the-top statement necklaces and bracelets full of vintage and new charms and buttons and little corked glass bottles, leather unisex wrap bracelets; necklaces, bracelets and earrings with different bird charms and a cool bass guitar and Pirate Treasures stamped disc necklace, to name a few.

    vn114 statement necklace   mb005 pic2 

    ve055 brass bird earrings   mn030 bass & disc necklace

    I also now have over 1000 Facebook page likes, so have a sale on to celebrate! If you don't already, you can Like the page here.

  3. This month I've joined in with an Instagram challenge for designer/makers started by illustrator Joanne Hawker (@joannehawker), which you can find by searching #MarchMeetTheMaker. Each day throughout the month there is a different topic to post a photo about, which will show a personal side or a behind the scenes look at the day to day life of running a small design or craft based business. Posts have included "tools", "brand image", "workspace" and "you" - open to however we wish to interpret the prompt. Have a look at my instagram @piratetreasureslondon to see what I'm up to!

         Pirate Treasures tools    Meet the Maker     Pirate Treasures feedback

  4. Pirate Treasures Stage Style Jewellery combines music themes and general coolness, whether you're on stage or at the front of a gig singing along to your favourite band there's something to suit your style! I have had my own Pirate Treasures London logo plectrums for a few years and use them in various different designs, eg on a chain with a guitar charm or at the centre of a charm bracelet full of beads and music themed charms. I know from customer comments and custom orders that some of my jewellery has been worn by people in bands, but until recently I hadn't been involved in it personally.

    In September 2015, via some Twitter conversations, I was asked by music/fashion/arts magazine The Zine to bring some jewellery along to a gig they were hosting at the Amersham Arms in South London for some of the bands to wear for photos. We were already planning on going there to see Lucie Barat & The Au Revoirs so was more than happy for Lucie to wear one of my plectrum and microphone necklaces. I've seen them play a few times since, including their record release show, and Lucie's been wearing it on stage ever since!
                 lucie 3                   lucie 2

    Another band Pirate Treasures has been involved with is Sisteray, an indie-punky-guitar band who we've seen play on many occasions and got to know personally, so when it was suggested I bring some jewellery for them to wear at a Zine-organised gig in January in East London's Whitechapel, I got in touch with them to check they were up for it. I brought along a selection of necklaces but the harmonica and plectrum one was the most popular - Dan the guitarist loves it and I'm told was using it to join in with the Libertines at their O2 Arena gig the other week, apologies to anyone in earshot!!

               sisteray                  sisteray group shot

    Last weekend we went to see Trampolene play at Brixton Jamm, I've been to see them as often as possible over the last year - they are great live and I've become friends with band, so I asked if they would wear some necklaces for a couple of photos. Again, the harmonica and plectrum was a hit! Firstly Jack, the singer and guitarist, wore it while having a professional photoshoot, then he swapped it for a bronze star on chain and Rob the drummer had the harmonica. Wayne the bass player loved the harmonica too, so I've promised him one next time - he chose a small bronze key on cord to wear on this occasion.
              Trampolene            Jane with Trampolene

    It's just been announced that Trampolene and Sisteray are both playing the same event at Nambucca in North London in April - I hope we don't have a harmonica battle!

    You can see more on the Stage Style page here and find the jewellery within the Vintage & Cool range.